Dreams from an old orange book with a tree

orange book

Going through my old books and notes, I found a dairy that I started on June 25 1983 when I was 10 years old. The book was full of mostly Disney songs that I learned since my Dad signed up for the Disney channel on cable for us kids.

I also noted my dream log started in earnest back in 1990 when I was a junior in high school. A lot of the stories were something that was interesting to a teenager but maybe not so much everyone else. Hopefully I’ll be able to convert these dreams to an interesting story or poem. I did have a website of my funny bus adventures when I was in college but I believe this was posted on my web host (cgi101.com) which has long since gone out of business and I apparently did not back up my stories. I do have a website where I post my art work which I’ve recently started to post again: https://rlivingsart.blogspot.com/

I spent about a month in Vietnam with family when I was in my twenties and kept a dairy with stories about this time when the US still had an embargo with Vietnam. I also recall having a poem book when I was travelling for work in Asia during my younger days. This was also posted online but I cannot find any trace of these stories online. I was able to find both so I hope to post some stories from there.

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